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Playing the piano is about cultivating an inner gift; teaching the piano is about identifying that gift and allowing it to soar.

​Ory Shihor

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About Ory

Ory Shihor is an award-winning pianist, renowned teacher and co-founder of the Ory Shihor Institute. His students have garnered impressive credentials as winners of top prizes in prestigious international competitions such as the Naumburg and Hiton Head, and are regularly accepted to top conservatories and universities such as Curtis and Juilliard, among others.

His teaching philosophy has transformed the playing of hundreds of students over the course of his 25-year teaching career, making him one of the most sought-after and well-respected piano teachers in the world.

But it didn’t start out this way…

After a rapid succession of events during his teens, which included studies at the Curtis Institute, winning the Young Concert Artists International Auditions and the coveted Gina Bachauer prize while a student at Juilliard, Ory’s career as a pianist was taking off at a rapid pace. He soon found himself in the midst of a whirlwind of major concert debuts, solo and orchestral tours, recordings and ultimately representation by one of the world’s most prestigious classical artist agencies, Columbia Artists Management.

However, not having been able to handle the rapid success at his young age, coupled with having to return to his homeland in order to complete his military service, has brought Ory’s career to a complete halt.

When I was at Juilliard, I wasn’t open to learning new things. I thought I knew it all. In hindsight, I realized it was my own fear -  I was afraid to discover how little I knew and how much more I have to learn.

Upon his return to New York from the military, Ory found himself broke and in desperate need of a breakthrough. He spent a couple of years working odd jobs (busboy, waiter, furniture mover) while practicing at nights and completely reinventing himself as a pianist. During this humbling experience, the conscious and at times painful process of looking deep within his own playing led him to become a much better pianist and a stronger person.

During this journey, Ory resurrected his playing career, which led to winning 1st prize at the Washington International Piano Competition and a major prize at the Arthur Rubinstein Master Piano Competition.

He also discovered teaching and realized that based on his own ability to create change within himself, he could help students overcome anything. His life’s passion has become helping young students reach a breakthrough in their playing, believe in themselves and achieve a winning mindset as they reach for their goals and dreams. Since then, he has changed the lives of hundreds of students, helping them get accepted to top US music schools, conservatories, and universities.

Ory lives in Los Angeles, California, where he pursues his passion for cars and coffee. He lives with his wife, Maria, and their cat, Fester.

My Teaching Philosophy

About - Discovery


Discovery is at the core of the learning process, which ignites Inspiration - the fuel that transitions students into an optimal learning zone. 

About - Inspiration


​When students are inspired, they experience boundless curiosity and are more eager to learn. This experience must be shared by both student and teacher. If the teacher is inspired, the student will follow. 

About - Enchantment


​The ultimate destination of the learning process is Enchantment... experiencing enchantment while practicing and performing is the very place we aspire our students to reach.

Successfully placing students​ IN THEIR

preferred music CONSERVATORIES SINCE 2014


Offers to Juilliard and Curtis


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​Curtis, Juilliard, Oberlin, Yale School of Music, Boston Conservatory, Peabody, NEC, Royal Academy of Music (UK), Boston University, Manhattan School of Music, USC Thornton School of Music, Colburn, SFCM, Mannes, Northwestern University, Eastman and more.